le sol: a whole new dimension in terracotta

by clé tile | published: Jun 17, 2022

earthy. classic-meets-bohemian. ultra-durable. and unexpectedly versatile. that’s le sol—a worthy addition to our collection of handcrafted premium terracotta. 

romantic–but tough (in a good way)

evoking languid, sunbaked mediterranean afternoons and the smell of orange blossom wafting in the breeze, le sol’s vibe is easy, dreamy—and just a touch sybaritic.

but lest you think that le sol—from morocco—is just about romance and style and ease, think again. pleasantly dense, le sol terracotta is durable, hardwearing, and tough—as befits the kind of tile that’s been around since at least the 10th century—a tile that’s used on floors throughout morocco, both indoors and out.

in fact, le sol is our first freeze-thaw-rated terracotta tile, which means you can use it outdoors in locations that experience freezing temperatures.

a tile with character

le sol is also full of character. due to the natural materials and the traditional way in which le sol is made, tiles can bear flashing or firing marks as well as white calcium deposits on the surface of the tiles. it’s also full of variation, with hues ranging from an earthy terracotta to something deeper and more burnished. (in other words, if you’re looking for a uniform terracotta look, le sol isn’t your best choice.)

a design-friendly, versatile terracotta

le sol is also design-friendly, perhaps our easiest-to-use terracotta. think of it as an easy-going tile for an easy-going vibe.

le sol comes in two sizes, rectangles, planks, lanterns, and scallops come in larger sizes while the hex, diamond, and star + cross and circle bouchon bundles are slightly smaller. this means you can use the tile on floors and walls, and in smaller spaces where a larger tile might feel a little too large. and, as we noted above, it’s perfect for patios, walkways, and outdoor spaces, courtesy of its freeze-thaw rating.

in particular, we love the rectangle with a wide, chunky grout line: the geometric look plays well against the weathered, primeval feel of the tile—making this most ancient of materials the ultimate modern expression. in the same vein, we also like to pair the plank and the rectangle for another unexpected look. explore two of our favorite le sol installation “recipes” here.

a perfect mate for zellige

for years, we’ve been asked: what’s the perfect tile to go with our zellige–particularly on floors? the answer: le sol. it’s what’s used in morocco (zellige’s homeland) and while we also love zellige with our other tiles, we couldn’t think of a more authentic, appropriate pairing.

it’s even a good pairing with eastern earthenware, adding more texture to an installation that’s already full of character.

a quality clé terracotta

if you’re a fan of clé, you also know we’re big fans of terracotta, and connoisseurs of this humble but surprisingly complex material. we love its looks and its materiality, but also its history and heritage—and what makes for high-quality terracotta: the right material (dense and rich), the right ways of making it, and the right shapes and sizes for the way we live today. and we can’t think of a better terracotta for durability—and aesthetic versatility—than le sol.

le sol allows you to bring some hardwearing handcrafted heritage into your space—but in a way that’s thoroughly modern, easy, and cool.