infinite variation: choose the right layout tell your story your way

by clé tile | published: Oct 05, 2023

grandes, petites, baguettes, cigars, blades… all the shapes of cinema collection: mythology. and they’re the key to a whole world of patterns and layouts from classic to… well, more radical.

You’ve chosen your story, and have figured out if you’re a duo or a trio. You might have even figured out whether you’re a neutral, shade, or vibrant. Or perhaps you’re still deciding all that. Either way, it’s time to consider how you want to lay it out.

the marvel of mythology is that working with one of our curated palettes, you’ll know the color combination will work. now you get to take this palette and make it your own. It’s now to create your own color story.

the art and craft of the checkerboard

duos + the classic checkerboard are a match made in heaven.

a two-toned grid-based checkerboard is a timeless yet thoroughly of-the-moment look. it offers a vibe that can be cool and retro, vibrant and opulent, or more subtle and traditional, based on the mythology color story you choose, and of course, the context.

or turn the tiles on their sides to create a diamond — a slightly more classic, elegant look.

or you can stagger the grid, which (depending on the color story you’ve chosen) can create a dynamic riff off of the classic.

beyond the checkerboard

if you want to shake it up, there are plenty more options.


create a dynamic look with a stripe. stripes can shapeshift depending on the color story and combination, offering a vibe that can be contrasting and vibrant, or something somewhat more earthy and subdued.

or play up the inherent drama of a stripe: lay out your stripe at an angle.

try using two or more rows of the same color in your tile layout. you can also come up with your own duo pattern, using a classic running bond, create a staggered pattern, or create a shape that appeals to you.

color blocking

you can also use color blocking for a particularly dramatic and artistic look.

herringbones and chevrons

using our baguettes, cigars, and blades, you can also create classic patterns such as herringbone, chevron, and basketweave.

the magic of mythology trios

trios give you even greater and more complex options for more vibrant (or nuanced) color combinations — though with three colors, you can use a less complicated pattern and still achieve a sophisticated, artful effect.

the tri-colored checkerboard

arranged in this form, the trios provide a hint of a woven and lattice effect.

you also have more options for a staggered checkerboard pattern (or three-color running bond pattern). this is perhaps the most dynamic layout with the most potential for making it uniquely yours.

the three-color stripe

dramatic but classic, timeless and modern, use your color choice to play up — or down — the drama and contrast. want more contrast? consider a neutral or a vibrant. a little less? shade’s your answer.

color blocking

using three colors opens up your color blocking options dramatically, making for an even more dramatic effect.

regardless of your layout, keep in mind

  • hire an installer experienced with artisan, handcrafted tile
  • order enough tile (with overage)
  • this is cement, so please anticipate all the cement goodness; shade variations, and other imperfections that show the tiles are authentic. lay out your installation carefully in advance (using that as a chance to experiment with your pattern)use grout boards to find the right grout for your pattern
  • lay it out before you install it; and
  • be there for the installation (this is your work of art, afterall!)

choose your own adventure, and discover new potential for pattern with the cinema collection: mythology from clé tile. with mythology, you’ll know that your color combinations are going to work — and brilliantly.