september fixations

by clé tile | published: Aug 29, 2023

it’s all going down in September, and we don’t mean just the leaves and the temperatures (oh yes please, climate gods). Summer may be taking its bow but there is plenty of heat on the cultural front. buckle up. here are our picks.

André. Leon. Talley. The icon. The force of nature. The former Vogue creative director whose death we mourned in 2022. Imagine his collection. Now imagine making it part of yours? In case you didn’t get lucky at Christie’s earlier this year, venture to Stair Gallery Hudson, NY, where additional lots of fabulousness will go under the gavel September 21. Previews begin September 5. Darling, you simply must. That caftan is earmarked for you.

Speaking of fabulous. Fashion month is already in full swing and, ever the devotees, we are taking all the notes. The colors, the themes, the references, the unexpected surprises. It’s our very own Christmas, and we’ve been extra good this year. Let the swooning begin. (ICYMI, Copenhagen recap here). But there’s way more to come. Mark your calendar.

White casale rustico tiles behind wine, garlic and peppers on a table.

Aura by Pablo Valbuena at London Design Week

That other design week. Milan has it in the spring. London has it in September. A whole city takeover by all things design September 12-24. Nothing better.

Fancy a little Coco with that? A Chanel retrospective at the Victoria and Albert. You know what you’ll be wearing there. Begins September 16.

Get stoned. In Los Angeles, LACMA shines the spotlight on our (other) favorite medium. Carve it up. Through February 11. Want to see one of our favorite materials? Venice Glass Week is September 9-17.

The Bay is the way. It’s our playground, and the most European of all American cities, so come explore the 20th Annual Architecture + the City Festival in San Francisco. If house tours, gala receptions and architecture talk are up your (steep, hilly) street, this one’s for you.

Read white and blue. We’re all in on blue and white, you know. But here’s some inspo for taking it even further. And speaking of classic… how about The Art of Timeless Spaces?

Ponder this prolific polymath. Ed Ruscha: Now Then @ MOMA begins September. Can you say blockbuster?

You need to know about this. Because we’re obsessed.

Because you just need to chill out sometimes. An homage to Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins — and no FX: the composition uses just paint, soap, and water.

Catch it while you can
The Coming of Color at MOMA through September 6
Have you smelled the latest?
Divalicious running until April 2024.

An Aural Autumn. In our ears this month: James Blake with Playing Robots Into Heaven; Willie Nelson’s Bluegrass; and Jorja Smith’s Falling or Flying.