some of our favorite tile pairings

by clé tile | published: Nov 21, 2023


17th century: maiolica de delft nobila marquisa


zellige in vintage rose

here are some of our team’s favorite pairings — inspired by fashion, culture, and the tile itself. take some chances. embrace the unexpected and the unlikely. mix high with low. play with color, texture, finish, material and shape. because with these pairings, 1 + 1 is so much greater than 2.

watermark wash in outer sunset

fornace brioni in cotto tivoli

lapidary cabochon grand in red travertine

cinema collection pavimenti magic lantern in flowerpot

forage terrazzo in metal

cinema collection mythology duo in paste + umber


clé guild fundamentals in black matte


17th century: maiolica de delft field tile in cobalta light

lapidary rough cut mosaics in verde marble

cinema collection mythology duo in mallard + forest

fornace brioni + giovanni barbieri le piastrelle segnate in cotto rosato

cinema collection mythology duo in grass + rouge

modern farmhouse brick in gunmetal matte

cinema collection mythology trio in prune, fig + army


pantry pavers blade in shale


mythology, dartmoor vibrant duo baguettes in forest + army

calacatta viola large field tile

cinema collection mythology trio in paste, mallard + charcoal

fornace brioni + clé casale rustico normale bundle

grand place limestone in cornet

modern farmhouse brick in cream gloss


17th century: maiolica de delft nobila splendida


pavimenti act I casablanca in flowerpot star + charcoal cross