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#tileblueprint: mondrian slate floor

Designer Dee Murphy made a splash when she posted images of her renovated kitchen. It was her slate floor - planks of slate arranged in a patternless pattern - that got the most attention.

We dub the pattern "mondrian", after artist piet mondrian whose iconic paintings featured the simplest of rectilinear forms - squares and rectangles - fit together along their vertical and horizontal lines. Together, they fill a space to make up one larger, linear shape.

With our bundle, we've taken the emphasis off of color (which is what most people associate with mondrian's work) and put it back on the rhythm and structure of the artist’s work. The different “colors” come from the variation (tonal, textural) in the stone itself. 

How to get the look for yourself? 

Using different sized slate we have put together a bundle with an accompanying layout guide so you can create your own large mondrianesque mosaic covering an area 6' in width, 10' in length.

search #tileblueprint on instagram to see more like this.

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