why we love marble

by clé tile | published: Feb 23, 2022

marble is a timeless, enduring surface, around since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and used since then to construct the great works of civilization. think the taj mahal, the parthenon, and hagia sophia, for starters.

over time, it’s come to connote luxury, majesty, and authority. but for us, it’s so much more than that: marble and stone connect us to something bigger than ourselves. marble is a direct link between us, nature, history, and humanity. every vein, speck, tiny fossil is a celebration of that connection. and every piece is utterly unique.

it’s also an indispensable design material. in our eyes, every house (hotel, and restaurant) needs some stone in it whether it’s majestic marble or down-to-earth slate. durable and easy-to-work-with, it can be used in every room, and depending on the stone, outdoors.

in particular, white marble offers a variety of options for an interior. do you want a more classic textural look? then explore our moderately-veined carrara. or are you looking for a quieter, more subtle (but still sumptuous) surface? then choose one of our newest white marbles, thassos and white dolomite.

rich, warm, and a tad creamy, we think of our white dolomite as the simple cashmere sweater of marble: elegant, timeless, practical, and endlessly blendable with other tiles and surfaces. it’s also more durable than classic marble, making it ideal for higher traffic areas. it’s versatile as well: ideal for a more traditional space, or for bringing a soft, elegant sensibility to a more contemporary one.

thassos is a brilliant ultra-white marble with a minerality that sparkles, reminiscent of newly fallen snow. despite its crystalline whiteness (which gives it its light-reflective abilities), it has a depth and mellow moodiness that keeps things interesting. the most reflective of all marbles, durable thassos can be used on floors and walls throughout most interiors, from bath to kitchen and beyond.

while we love an epic marble slab, we’re partial to stone and marble tiles that give you more flexibility, more design options–and greater affordability. like our clé carrara line, clé thassos and white dolomite come in a variety of sizes and shapes from charming penny rounds, elegant planks, and classic subway (including beveled subway) to larger-format field tiles.

upping their versatility even further, clé white dolomite and thassos are honed for a softer matte feel–making them a touch less traditional, more modern, and even easier to integrate into a wide range of design styles.

but if all this is sounding a little too quiet for you…explore the rest of our stone and marble collection. from hardworking slate, classic carrara, or our forage terrazo to standouts like strata linea and our limestone artists’ tiles (deborah osburn’s malachite and ruan hoffmann.)

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as we say, there’s a stone for every project.