cement tile - encaustic - erica tanov

subtle. soft. beautiful. clean. pure. 

there is a thread that runs through all that san francisco artist erica tanov does, whether it's her women's wear collection, her home wear collection, or the serenity she creates in her stores. it has to do with a sense of well being.

for erica, design is the process of discovering, or rediscovering, the essential nature of things.

for her, quality is more a reflex than a decision. it's second nature, she explains:

"i've always been drawn to things that have an enduring beauty, that are well-designed and well-made."

in erica's words her cement tile collection is:

"an avid collector of vintage textiles and books and constantly in awe of nature’s offerings, this collection of tiles is inspired by the culmination of these loves. i’ve reworked original prints from my clothing and homeware collection archives, translating them into a group of tile designs."

cement tile - encaustic - erica tanov