Game, set, match: the definitive guide to clé sets and bundles

by clé tile | published: Jun 01, 2023

A grey tiled wall with a debossed modern pattern and a brown leather couch.

fornace brioni + giovanni barbieri le piastrelle segnate

one of the wonders of tile is its expressiveness — and its versatility, the myriad ways in which you can endlessly combine shapes and colors and textures to create one-of-a-kind patterns. but therein lies the rub. how to choose among those many options? that’s where clé’s sets, bundles, and blends come in.

Wine, garlic and roasted peppers sit in front of a white tile wall.

fornace brioni + clé casale rustico misto bundle

streamlined design

sets, bundles, and blends are clé-designed combinations of tile in colors, textures and shapes that work *seamlessly* together. less guesswork, less agita, more “...oh, yes.”

use clé’s sets as a shortcut to find your next backsplash or bathroom wall, or use them as a jumping off point for the design of your entire space. the choice is yours, but either way, it’s like having a little design advice with every order.

consider our sets and bundles akin to a capsule wardrobe to help you pull together looks with ease, or a prix fixe menu with chef-selected flavor pairings you would never have thought of — but which will change your life.

An unusual and interesting tile pattern in reds and oranges tones.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino capriccio bundle

the secret behind our blends: artistry and expertise

first, we bring an artist’s eye to our sets and bundles. clé founder and artist/designer Deborah Osburn combines her education, her love of art, and keen appreciation of the subtleties of color and texture. whether it's detailed color studies (as in the duos and trios of cinema collection: mythology) or unexpected combinations (natural, weathered white, cindered olive, vintage rose, and gold together in our essaouira lustre blend) or the literally infinite number of ways in which clé malachite can be installed… it’s a brilliantly simple way to create a bespoke, very personal look.

it helps that we understand our tile better than anyone. we know the nuances of variegation, variation, and thickness, of the different ways in which light will play off a surface — all factors that become even more important to consider when pairing and combining tile. it’s a labor of love for us — but one we can’t stay away from. it’s just in our DNA.

A hallway with white plaster walls and a dark tile floor.

belgian reproduction square + rectangle. Design: lisa schmitz interiors / photo: Mike Sinclair

A sink and mirror over a tile floor with a graphic pattern in a lozenge and rectangle shape.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino cotto tivoli. Design: aker interiors / photo: michael clifford photography

the perfect mix

ranging from subtle to exuberant, classic to something more adventurous, our bundles and blueprints do the work for you. just choose your look:

A kitchen with muted blue cabinets and white casale rustico tiles.

fornace brioni + clé casale rustico normale bundle. Design: stories collective / photo: stacy zarin goldberg


clé, in partnership with fornace brioni, has reinvented the classic white tile installation with casale rustico — a hand-hewn italian terracotta clay body awash with a glossy white glaze. (if you’re looking for something more matte but with the square/rectangle combination of casale rustico, you might consider our mid-century mosaic in our classic cement.)

Debossed patterns on a terracotta tile wall.

fornace brioni + giovanni barbieri le piastrelle segnate

A shower wall in white tile.

clé cement mid century mosaic bundle

for an elevated, refined, tone-on-tone design (but dimensional, 3D and sculpted), consider acanti from the fornace brioni + cristina celestino terracotta collection or le piestrelle signate from the more modernist fornace brioni + giovanni barbieri collection.

A star and cross pattern tile floor in a galley kitchen.

belgian reproduction star + cross in flemish red. Design: celine ord / photo: nick sorrentino

A dark tile floor and a white beadboard wall.

belgian reproduction circle losange in flemish black dark. Design: Liz-Robinson / photo: Maura McEvoy

belgian reproduction in either flemish black or flemish red are elevated rustic handcrafted tiles, offering a quiet excitement that’s the hallmark of belgian design.

A charcoal floor in a living room with very light grey plaster walls.

cinema collection: pavimenti, paradiso octagon + dot in charcoal

Terracotta colored floors and a muted green wall.

cinema collection: pavimenti, sofia circle + losange in flowerpot

for more tone-on-tone bundles, consider cinema collection: pavimenti in single color tones in classic shapes (octagon + bouchon, circle + losange, star + cross).

A wall with light grey and white tiles in a kitchen.

zio & sons + clé octagon + bouchon in moroccan sea salt + weathered white. Design / photo: zio & sons

A clawfoot bathtub and linen floor length curtains above a beige and off-white tile floor.

zio & sons + clé octagon + bouchon in natural and weathered white. Design: midland architecture / photo: erin ash kelly

or if the rippling, handcrafted look of zellige beckons, explore zio & sons + clé zellige bundles in single color octagon-bouchon combinations, or in more tone-on-tone pairings. weathered white with sea salt, or even vintage rose with weathered white, offer a gentle update to an age-old pattern.

An arched door leads into a kitchen with a terracotta tile backsplash.

le sol petit star + cross

Handcrafted terracotta tiles with varied color nuances on a bathroom wall.

zio & sons + clé, le sol octagon + bouchon

if handcrafted terracotta is your look, embrace le sol — with its classic mediterranean vibes in traditional and updated shapes.

A bright kitchen with a slate floor, with tiles in varied sizes.

Slate modernist mosaic. Design: murphy deesign / photo: zeke ruelas

and, if you yearn for a hard-wearing surface like slate… try our slate modernist mosaic bundle.

A birds-eye view of a man drinking a Campari soda on a velvet couch on a floor with a dramatic tile pattern.

the unexpected neutrals

for those looking to create your own bit of history, strata linea is the way. this elegant collection contains 10 varieties of stone, reclaimed from architectural projects in the eastern mediterranean and artfully repurposed into tile planks that can be arranged at will for a truly one of a kind, truly bespoke look.

Grey and orange cement square floor.

roman palazzo mosaic. Photo: laurie frankel

Geometric, pastel cement tiles.

roman palazzo mosaic. Design: Katie Liu Sung / photo: Pilsen Photo Co op

inspired by the palazzo floor of 20th-century artist cy twombly (and the design that served as inspiration for the clé studio floor), roman palazzo mosaic threads the needle between playful and classic, bold and neutral. unforgettable.

Handmade tiles with variations in a herringbone pattern.

essaouira lustre blend

Handmade tiles in a herringbone pattern, in white, pink, dark green and metallic gold.

redefine “neutral” with an unexpected touch of gold zellige. essaouira lustre blend is most reminiscent of centuries-old european homes, as it’s comprised of natural unglazed bejmat mixed with four different glazes.

A modern table on top of an orange, grey and white file floor in an unusual oversized woven pattern.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino capriccio bundle

White and orange squiggle pattern floor in an art studio.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino bibiena bundle

fornace brioni + cristina celestino terracotta is where modern italian design meets italian heritage craftsmanship. the pairing of italian terracotta specialists Fornace Brioni and acclaimed Milan designer Cristina Celestino means neutrals have never looked so bold, with mesmerizing movement captured in both the patterns and the tiles themselves.

A woman faces a tile wall with pink lozenge and grey and white rectangular tiles.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino cotto tivoli bundle

A home entry with an orange and white squiggly patterned floor.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino bibiena bundle

there’s bibiena, inspired by the pathways and hedges of old italian formal gardens; capriccio, inspired by baroque era set design and trompe l’oeil; or tivoli, an omaggio to the formal gardens of italy, created after observing the geometric forms of trees, topiaries and sculpted hedgerow.

A dramatic dark green malachite inspired wall.

deborah osburn malachite, nine piece medley

full-on color (even for the colorphobe)

designed to be mixed to create unique patterns, malachite medley is the brainchild of Deborah Osburn, who created nine different malachite-inspired tiles. the result: a sultry, seductive look — and infinite variation, both metaphorically and mathematically.

An arched doorway with striped tiles on the bottom quarter of the wall.

cinema collection: mythology salon trio in umber, mallard + fig

A floor with large tiles in a plaid pattern in front of a tall turquoise wall.

cinema collection: mythology flanders trio in paste, charcoal + mallard

color studies as surface design: mythology collection is a tour de force of color to usher us into the new era of cement. the collection features thoughtfully crafted duos and trios that take the guesswork out of it all.

A color study for muted cream, blue and grey tiles.
A color study for muted cream and pink tiles.
A color study for muted green, yellow and grey tiles.

start by choosing a color story — a mood, a vibe, an emotion — that speaks to you: oz, salon, wonderland, dartmoor, flanders, foxglove, wildwood. then… decide whether you’re wanting a duo (slightly higher contrast) or trio (surprisingly more nuanced). next, choose your particular combination. at last, decide how to install it: checkerboard, stripes, staggered, completely random patterns. the choice is yours.

it’s the classic checkerboard motif, taken to a whole different level.

A painted toilet and bidet in a bathroom with a checkerboard blue and white wall and floor.

cinema collection: mythology flanders duo in paste + mallard

A clawfoot tub in front of a wall with large square tiles in muted colors.

cinema collection: mythology dartmoor trio in forest, army + chestnut

bonus: should you want to create design harmony and unity throughout a larger area (entry, hall, kitchen, dining… or bath and bedroom), choose a single color story in duos or trios… and go to town. don’t worry: it will all work together. trust us.

Terracotta colored tiles in a room with a series of open doors.

cinema collection: pavimenti casablanca star + cross in flowerpot

boldly contrasting hues in classic shapes make for a romantic-yet-crisply-modern twist on tradition in pavimenti — classic tile shapes in larger sizes updated in our signature cement... including pairings from our mythology collection.

Pink lozenge, and grey and creamsicle rectangle tiles.

fornace brioni + cristina celestino glazed ceramic tivoli bundle

mixed textures

strong, unexpected and muted colors in unexpected combinations is the hallmark of fornace brioni + cristina celestino ceramic tivoli, where glossy glazed and matte glazed ceramic confections marry art and function.

A dark glossy tile floor in a room with a floor-to-ceiling window.

zio & sons + clé octagon + bouchon in charred cedar + moroccan sea salt. Design / photo: zio & sons

A retro black and white tile pattern.

zio & sons + clé zellige

you saw the tone-on-tone and neutral options above, but to really appreciate the expressive range of zio & sons + clé zellige, consider the natural/glazed combinations in the collection whose contrasts only highlight the material.