introducing the cinema collection

by clé tile | published: May 09, 2023

if the 2010s were the era of neutrals, mid century modernism, and hyper-minimalism and the tyranny of beige, grey, and greige, the 2020s have ushered in a new age.

pared back design is beginning to give way to a more maximalist mood. just as Dorothy stepped out of her black-and-white reality into the vibrant, saturated technicolor dreamworld of Oz, Americans are once again welcoming color and bold pattern into our lives, and clé is answering the chromatic craving with our cinema collection, artisan-crafted cement tile in a panoply of rich hues, shapes and sizes.

A terricotta colored cement floor with a geometric design in an apartment.
A standalone bathtub in front of large square cement tiles on a wall in a plaid-like pattern.

we dubbed the collection “cinema” in homage to that endlessly expressive medium — film — in which color plays such a crucial role. after the elegant subtlety of black-and-white, the introduction of color to movies was revolutionary, allowing directors to portray the world more realistically, create moods with carefully chosen palettes, and draw the viewer’s eye to key details.

so it is with cement tile, where any color or combination of colors you dream of is possible.

the debut of the cinema collection

at its heart, the art of cinema is about one thing: storytelling. and as Sheherezade knew, and every masterful storyteller still knows, good storytelling takes time and careful, intentional pacing.

A film-still like photo of a model in a large blue blazer.
Large cement tile squares in a plaid-like pattern on a floor in front of a tall dark turquoise wall.

not everything can — or should — just be delivered in one fell swoop. where’s the fun in that? in a world of on-demand extravaganzas and insta-dupes and counterfeiters, slow can be powerfully rewarding.

the story unfolds

the cinema collection is a story told in multiple chapters, over time.

Minton encaustic tiles in the US Capitol Building

we launched cinema collection in 2022 with three ranges: mythology, pavimenti and dolci, each offering a different take on cement tile in bold, cinematic color.

mythology is about the power of color — and the superpower of the right colors coming together. drawing inspiration from the infinite richness and possibility of storytelling — and Osburn’s work as an artist, it features 34 saturated hues brought together into specific combinations — all based on formal color studies.

romantic and lush, pavimenti takes the original era of cement into this brave new age but offers new shapes and statement-making sizes, moving beyond the workmanly square into stars, circles, crosses and other shapes that interconnect like plotlines in a sweeping epic.

and cinema collection’s dolci terrazzo suspends colorful chunks of stone in soft shades of cement for a modern take on the ancient surface, as vibrant and playful as your favorite Italian romance. Think… venetian palazzo with a modern bump.

all three combine brilliantly with each other and with our original cement standards, so you can direct your own visual masterpiece.

Square tile samples.

coming soon — the sequel(s)

our color-rich cinema cement is a collection decades in the making, and mythology, pavimenti and dolci were just the start. we'll start with refreshed mythology, dolci and pavimenti collections, followed by origami, expanding the possibilities of cement into 3d — no glasses required. origami will be followed by eccentrics, the grand tour, murals, and artist collections.

but no spoilers here. follow clé on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to snag a front-row seat for each new release in our cinema series.