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cle notes — cement

In the Green

(left) cindered olive bejmat zellige, design: ADG Architectecture + Design / photo: michael wiltbank + ivan halper; (right) cement 4x4 square in leaf, design: Emily Farnham Architecture / photo: Yoshihiro Makino for Domino Magazine   At clé, we have a deep affection for the color green. In fact, we think it is...

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inspiring design: introducing our new roman palazzo mosaic

 At clé, we take our inspiration from so many places: fashion, for sure. Nature, of course. History and art.  Add artists’ studios to that mix. Particularly those in Roman palazzos. Case in point: Cy Twombly.  Twombly, a painter, sculptor, and photographer, is best known for the layered calligraphic, graffiti-inspired work that gained...

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Whiteworks — Exploring Materials

A Different Dimension of White (above) clé's modern farmhouse brick in matte white, design: Sarah Sherman Samuel / photo: Stoffer Interior Photography Continuing our exploration of clé's Whiteworks — our extraordinary, expansive and passionately curated collection of white tile — we examine how different materials express different facets of white. Unlike your...

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the eternal allure of black and white (pattern on cement tile, that is)

Some things just belong together and stand the test of time. Fred and Ginger. Tomatoes and mozzarella. And black and white. Why are we so drawn to black and white? It starts in the womb where babies can see light and darkness. Many say that newborns can only see black and white...

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clé conversations: mandy cheng, mandy cheng design

At clé, we are lovers of design in all its manifestations, but we admit to having a soft spot for those who celebrate and employ pattern and texture in ways that are playful but grounded in a strong aesthetic sensibility. (Originally published in Architectural Digest) Credits: interior designer: Mandy Cheng, photographer: Yoshihiro...

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cement tiles - everything you need to know from start to finish

    We have put together everything you need to know about cement tiles and rolled them into a series of easily digestible blog posts. So whether you are just beginning your cement tile journey or are about to place an order, these posts will provide you with all the information you...

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