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the power of grout

if you think grout is just an add-on product for your tile then think again. while we like to point out that your tile installation is only as good as your tile installer, the color of grout you choose to pair with your tile selection can make (or break) a project.

we often get asked to recommend a grout color for a specific tile, however since grout can look completely different from room to room depending on factors like natural light and placement in a space, we suggest this foolproof approach: pick the grout colors that you most like then ask your contractor to mock up some sample boards with your tile to see what works best in your space.

to showcase the impact of grout color, we have taken the ubiquitous white 3x6 subway and paired it with our eight favorite grout colors from mapei to show how dramatically a tile can change depending on the grout selection.

not sure how much grout you need for your project? when ordering grout, use the mapei grout calculator which will calculate the square footage with the recommended grout joint size for just the right amount. 

light grout:

for a seamless, clean and uniform look, pair with a white or light colored tile. the grout will seemingly disappear, allowing the tile to take center stage.

white avalanche tile grout

AVALANCHE - this is mapei's whitest grout. pairs well with white subway, white solid cement or white penny rounds.

white avalanche tile grout

FROST- pulling a tad grey this light grout is our go-to for weathered white zellige. pairs well with carrara.

neutral grout:

earthy browns and greys that pair with literally everything. these are the middle ground for our grouts, and can really pull dark or light, depending on what they are paired with.

biscuit tile grout
BISCUIT- this nice creamy neutral pairs well with our natural unglazed zellige. it also pairs well with our weathered white pulling it away from the cooler tones and adding some warmth.
bamboo tile grout

BAMBOO -  a medium earthy brown, this color looks great with foundry flat brick tiles.

timberwolf tile grout

TIMBERWOLF - a perfect medium grey color that seems to go with everything. we recommend this color with any of our cement tiles.

caramel grout

CARAMEL - pair this with any of our red terracotta tiles for a seamless look. this deep caramel color pulls brown in tone and pairs well with some of our foundry flats bricks as well.

dark grout:

our dark colored grouts can be used to contrast a lighter tile - making a bold statement and highlighting the layout you are creating with your tile. or, on the flip side, if you are using a dark-colored tile, these grout colors can be used to create an uninterrupted, consistent look.

charcoal tile grout

CHARCOAL - a deep, dark grey. our charcoal-colored grout looks great with darker colored tile for a seamless look. a perfect complement to grey tile, or a dark green. think belgian reproduction or cindered olive.

black tile grout

BLACK - we used to fear black grout, as it could stain our more porous tile. but now with mapei’s incredible flexcolor grout, we are happy to suggest it. use it without any fear of staining on any of our black and white patterned cement tiles or even white subway tiles that you want to look provocative with black grout.


don't forget...

grout spacing is also an important consideration. for these installations, we used 1/4” spacers. typically, the wider you go, the more dramatic the look. see more of our favorite grout and tiling pairings here.

glazed unglazed tile grout

for the perfect grout, mapei is the best choice.

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