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a clé classics tile

clé classics are our affordable staples and are a great tile for first time home buyers, those on a budget or those looking for a high-low look. we like to refer to them as the ‘jeans and t-shirt’ of tiles.

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the classic italian beauty

design: oh joy! + project m. plus / photo: bethany nauert

a majestic material for versatile design statements

our carrara tile collection is a classic white stone with a mixed fleuri & vein cut that blend to create subtle yet distinctive patterns. perfect for the contemporary setting and an elegant surface material for bathrooms, kitchens and floor.

design: arazi levine / photo: joyelle west

why we love carrara

taking its name from the luminous white mountains spiraling out of the ground surrounding carrara, italy, carrara marble has had a staggering history. continuously mined from these mountains, carrara has been used by the romans onwards. this majestic stone has adorned palaces and cathedrals–and now contemporary homes and public spaces–an enduring, classic mark of good taste.

design: oh joy! + project m. plus / photo: bethany nauert

the pinnacle of fine stone

inspiring art, architecture and design since the roman empire, adorning the pantheon and forming rome's trajan column… carrara would inspire michelangelo’s pieta and leonardo’s david. seen as a mark of wealth, the greeks and romans used it in their homes and this material flourished again with the renaissance and victorian eras and once again today it enjoys enduring appeal. this is a stone for the ages.

design: oh joy! + project m. plus / photo: bethany nauert

product specifications

technical specifications

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non freeze thaw resistant

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radiant heating compatible

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uv resistant

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heat resistant

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stove backsplash

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sink backsplash

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exterior floor

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interior floor

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heavy residential

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light commercial

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interior wall

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exterior wall

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fireplace surround

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shower floor + wall

* see material guidelines guide for specific requirements

surface type

finish type

level 3: medium

level 1: smooth

level 1: slight

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water absorption
avg. 6.5%; semi-vitreous

avg. 0.42

Pieces per sqft
0.5 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
5.5 lbs

Pieces per box
5 pcs/box

read before you buy this tile

do i need to seal carrara tiles?

like most natural stone, carrara requires sealing (before & after grouting) to prevent staining and help with repelling water.

if your tile is porous or if using a dark grout, clé recommends Stonetech Heavy Duty Sealer from laticrete as a pre-grout treatment.

for all other sealing and protecting, clé recommends Stonetech BulletProof Sealer from laticrete.

 for more information about sealing please see our carrara installation & maintenance guides.

do you offer trim for your carrara tile?

at clé we follow the international model of no trim and highly recommend our clients to do the same. below are the trim alternatives we recommend for this collection.

- if your project needs to turn a corner either inwardly or outwardly, mitering the tiles to meet seamlessly in a corner gives it the cleanest, crafted finish.
- a visible stone tile edge can be honed to make the side match the main surface of the tile.
 - like with any of our tiles, you can also build out the sheetrock so that the surface of the finished sheetrock is flush with the surface of the tile.

for more detailed recommendations about trim, please see our trim guide.