winter fixations

by clé tile | published: Dec 21, 2023


Women Dressing Women Exhibit at The Met (source)

appropriately caught up in December madness, and prepping for some very big things ahead at clé so getting to this a wee bit late. But given that most of us are looking at a little holiday downtime we’ve put together some ideas for how to use that time. Most of these fixations will be lasting well into January if not beyond. And you can always refer back to previous Fixations (november and october and september) to catch some of our recommendations that are evergreen or still in full flow.

And if you’re looking for some last minute gifting… we have ideas on that too. as an Austrian might sing, these are a few of our favourite things.

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Bulgari Hotel Roma


Just opened: the new Bulgari hotel.

As if you need a reason to get to Tokyo…

Get ready for 2024 fashion.

And when you’re in the city, here’s something near and dear to our hearts.

And we’ve always loved the artistic potential of skateboards and surfboards. get some fresh ideas here through the lens of history. time to get your tickets for your trip: you have till march.


timothée chalamet as wonka


Watch your OG (or not so) holiday faves — every one of them, the cheesier the better — but once you’re done…

In theatres: as IF there were any question about this one: Wonka for Timothée but also for Hugh. But if that’s not your speed, we’re tracking Eileen, starring Anne Hathaway (playing a bad girl), an adaptation of Ottessa Moshfegh’s book.

If you’re staying in… don’t miss a gloriously repellant Gary Oldman in Slow Horses. Smart stuff (and if you haven’t seen it, you can binge all three seasons.)

We’re kind of intrigued by Vigil, on the Beeb.

And if you’re looking for a musical spectacle… concert films with Queen Bey and (if you didn’t see it) Time’s person of the year.


Gucci Osteria’s Panettone, available in traditional and special interpretations of the classic. Hmm sounds like us. It isn't the holidays for an italian (or italophile) without the fluffy festive stuff. An italian holiday must.


When you’ve had enough of Wham’s Last Christmas (and you know you have) and Mariah has hit the last high note of the year, this is what you want to listen to. clé’s very own December playlist.

And on a less seasonally specific note: Neil Young, Before and After and The Killers, Rebel Diamonds.


Consider us intrigued: Billie Eilish’s fragrance no. 3: a musky chypre with woody overtones. perfect for the season.


Ellsworth Kelly


Santa Baby, we’ve been good this year. Aman furniture good.

You know how we feel about color studies. And you know how we feel about checkerboards. We're in good company with Ellsworth Kelly.

We’re a little obsessed with the outdoor world these days, so preordering this now.

And how about this classic?


World Central Kitchen

Finally, don’t forget these folks on your holiday list!

Doesn’t even require wrapping.

World central kitchen: hot food and the human touch where it’s needed most...

and the American Heart Association is matching donations...

or if you're thinking toys for tots this year, maybe a cool chic new toy or book?

but don't forget… your local newspaper, museums, and shelters.

with best wishes for an amazing holiday! wishing you warmth, joy, and plenty of cookies.