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belgian reproduction - rectangle 2" x 8" sample request

looking for our belgian reproduction rectangle? we are sorry, due to it's unexpected popularity, it is currently out of stock but fill in the form and we'll notify you as soon as samples become available. 

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zellige mosaic coming soon

interested in our zellige mosaic? fill in the form and we'll notify you as soon as the line launches. for some zellige mosaic design ideas, check out this post on Emily Henderson's blog.

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ruan hoffmann revisited with 'much love me'

we consider every tile a work of art, whether it be a piece of hand-chiseled zellige made from clay dried out in the sun or an intricate design hand-poured onto a cement tile, each piece is a testament to an artist of sorts. with our artist collaborations, we have taken this craft...

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ARCHITECT'S PALETTE: italian glazed brick in terracotta... coming soon

sign up for our newsletter to receive information about the launch. to sign up, scroll down.               

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modern farmhouse brick - the new subway tile

it's back! earlier this year we tested the waters with a farmhouse brick. the response was so good that we've brought it back with a slight tweak – we elongated the form to make it a tad more modern while keeping its rustic surface and shimmer. so if you are looking for...

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