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cle notes — tile

in praise of the niche: what’s yours?

design: Isabelle Patrick Design / photo: Kristen Francis The shower niche–that recessed inset shelving where lotions and potions await their daily squeeze–is nothing new.  We’ve seen them in countless hotels, spas and gyms, but they’ve only become a common feature in American homes over the last two decades as bathrooms evolved from...

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Free Shipping: Why it’s a bigger deal than you’d think.

  We’ve all become accustomed to “free” shipping. But should we be? It may be fine when you’re selling shoes (In reality, you’re likely paying for “free” in the product price–or getting a substandard product).  But free shipping is a big deal when we’re all trying to keep elevated artisan tile affordable....

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shop the clé cyber monday event like a pro

(above) design: Erika Salum / photo: Hamee Ha Photography    We all know how to shop sales, right? You see, you pick, you click, you sit back and wait till the boxes hit your doormat. Sometimes you’re disappointed when your size or color is sold out, but mostly, you’re in luck, and...

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Design. Tile. And Supply Chains?

photo: Guillaume Bolduc Why your tile might not arrive on time: it’s all about supply chains.  “Please anticipate delays due to impacts on the global supply chain.”  It’s a little note you’ve seen plastered to the top of our website. We bet you’ve seen it on others, as well. And you may...

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Tile for Your Project

Designs/redesigns are an investment. Whether it’s your home, office, commercial space or any other room, choosing the right design elements is an important part of the process. If it's a simple kitchen backsplash, utilitarian tile for your bath, or a make-a-statement tile wall that elevates an entire room, you don’t want to regret...

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clé conversations: Shoshana Ross

In this “clé conversations” series, we spoke with customer Shoshana Ross. interestingly, Shoshana is not a designer (at least not in this life). She shared how she was introduced to clé (hint: a chocolate shop is involved), what drew her to the tile, and why her experience, overall, was so delightful. above:...

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